Average Monthly Of Mobile Game Downloads, February 2014 [CHART]

While mobile gamers were most likely to use Android phones and tablets (46% of respondents), average monthly spending was higher on iOS devices, used by 40% of total players. In fact, mobile gamers on iPhones and iPads spent nearly $2 more on games each month than Android users, on average. The real spenders, though, were the 14% of users who gamed on both operating systems.

Younger gamers may spend the least each month, but that doesn’t mean they’re not downloading games. The 18-to-24 age group downloaded the most games on a monthly basis, with an average of 2.87. Still, this wasn’t a huge lead, with other age groups coming in at 2.61 or above. Males and females were pretty close in monthly downloads, at 2.92 and 2.64, as were Android and iOS users (2.56 and 2.69). But once again, combo users were way ahead, downloading an average 3.81 mobile games every month. Read the rest at eMarketer.