Millennial Content Sharing By Category & Channel, April-July 2014 [CHART]

Millennials (18-34) are far more likely than the general population to share content on social networks and to click on shared content, details ShareThis in a new study of the sharing habits of Millennials. Understanding how Millennials approach social sharing is important given that online shares could be as influential as in-person recommendations. The ShareThis report contains some intriguing data concerning the types of content categories Millennials typically share on various social networks – and the time of day in which most of their sharing occurs.

As with a similar breakdown of general population sharing activity released earlier this year, this latest report examines 8 content categories, this time across 4 prominent social networks. The study derives an index representing the relative difference between sharing activity on those specific channels and overall sharing activity within a specific category. (For example: 18.3% of total shares on Facebook are in the Arts & Entertainment category. On average – across all social channels – 15.3% of total shares are in that category, such that Millennials share 20% more Arts & Entertainment on Facebook than other networks.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.