Marketers' Key Criteria For New Technology Evaluations, August 2014 [CHART]

Marketers are aware that integrating technologies is just as important as acquiring the right ones. When evaluating new tools to invest in, nearly half of respondents said it was critical for them to be able to fully integrate the new with the old. This makes sense when one considers that 40% of respondents’ workflows weren’t as efficient as they needed to be because technologies they used didn’t work in tandem and that 31% and 28% lost time and accuracy to data integration issues, respectively.

Privacy and data security were also key when deciding where to invest. However, Econsultancy noted that these were more in the IT and tech domain, suggesting marketers’ attention would be better focused elsewhere, such as on purchasing easy-to-use technology that didn’t require IT involvement.

Despite its importance, technology grabbed just 16% of digital marketing spend, on average, with around half of respondents saying this was included in their budgets. Read the rest at eMarketer.