Luxury Display Ad Metrics vs Global Benchmark Averages By HTML5 Format, H1 2014 [TABLE]

“Polite banners can really draw users in with beautiful creative,” said Michael Froggatt, principal research analyst at Sizmek. “And for web users, they aren’t as intrusive” as other formats can be.

Beautiful creative is often the hallmark of luxury advertising, so it’s unsurprising that the format does particularly well with these brands. The addition to rich media of video—also in a polite format—likewise worked well for luxury advertisers on the Sizmek platform.

Meanwhile, in the realm of HTML5 formats, expandable and polite formats alike performed better for luxury brands than average in terms of CTRs. Expandable banners performed nearly twice as well for luxury brands as for the average advertiser. And comparing performance metrics for HTML5 and Flash ads, HTML5 expandable units again showed their strength: Luxury advertisers enjoyed an average 4.52% CTR with Flash expandable banners, compared with 8.06% for HTML5 expandable banners. Read the rest at eMarketer.