American Travelers Who Would Use A Home / Lodging Rentals Service, April 2014 [CHART]

Among the remaining 29% of leisure travelers who had heard of these services, respondents were split on whether or not they would use them, with answers skewing slightly toward the negative. But in all, the majority of those who were aware of home and lodging rentals services had or would consider using them—and Travel Weekly predicted this would increase even more as word and publicity spread and advertising pops up.

AYTM Market Research also found low home and lodging rentals service usage, but results indicated a promising future. Among US travelers, less than 5% of respondents had used a home and lodging rentals service like Airbnb to find deals. And while only around 10% said they would definitely consider this, 43.8% said they would probably do so, meaning that the majority of respondents were at least somewhat interested in turning to a home and lodging rentals service to find deals. Read the rest at eMarketing.