CMOs On The Impact Of Marketing Tech Investments, October 2014 [CHART]

Two-thirds of marketers (mostly senior level) describe the importance of new technologies to their group’s overall effectiveness and performance as “essential” (29%) or “very important” (38%), according to a new report from the CMO Council and Tealium. In fact, only 5% say that their investments aren’t producing tangible business value, with many working on it (39%) or already seeing value (46%). But in what ways are they impacting marketing ROI?

Asked how their investments are impacting the economics of their businesses and the ROI of their marketing spend, the majority of respondents to the survey said they were able to achieve a more targeted, efficient and relevant customer (66%) and greater return and accountability of marketing/advertising spend (54%). These were by far the most common responses, with far fewer pointing to increased productivity (29%) and improved rates of conversion, closure and deal value (26%), among others. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.