US College Students' Change In Discretionary vs . School-Related Spending, August 2014 [CHART]

College students might not be as broke as we think, but a significant portion of them plan to spend less this year than they have previously—particularly on school-related items.

An August 2014 survey by national college marketing firm Fluent found that 44.2% of US college student internet users planned to spend less this year on school items because they already owned much of what they needed. Nearly 28% said they were spending less on school items because they would find ways to cut costs—even if they needed certain things.

What isn’t taking as much of a hit among college students is discretionary spending. Just 24.5% intended to cut back in this area. Meanwhile, one-third planned to spend more on coffee, concert tickets and other fun items than they did previously. Read the rest at eMarketer.