US Retail eCommerce Holiday Season Sales, 2012-2014 [CHART]

eMarketer projects that US retail sales will increase 5.0% in the core holiday season of November and December in 2014, an improvement over last year’s growth of 3.4%. This stronger overall retail climate, along with long-term trends toward digital commerce, will drive US ecommerce sales up 16.6%, compared with last year’s growth of 15.3%, according to a new eMarketer report, “Holiday Shopping Preview: Ecommerce Grows as Brick-and-Mortar Stores Embrace Digital.”

Ecommerce plays an especially prominent role during 
the holiday season. This year, eMarketer estimates that 8.4% of US retail sales will be digital, compared with 6.5% for 2014 in total. Even as more shopping shifts online 
for the holidays, omnichannel retailers this season are using mobile media to highlight the advantages of their physical stores. Last year, retailers saw big spikes of mcommerce sales as shoppers took advantage of time in line to find additional products that complemented their in-store purchases. This year, retailers will expand programs using visual search, beacons and local search that will make phones even more powerful shopping tools. Read the rest at eMarketer.