US Online Display Ad Spending Share By Format, 2013-2018 [CHART]

Video’s share of digital display ads in the US will gain significant ground throughout our forecast period, increasing from 21.6% of all digital display advertising last year to 30.1% by 2018. Meanwhile, rich media—which can include video and interactive elements—will also gain share of the digital display market, taking away dollars from banners and other static ad formats.

One key factor holding back the digital video ad market, however, is the fact that more and more digital video content is streamed through subscription services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video—neither of which support advertising. In addition, TV will remain by far the leading individual medium for ad spending in the US, totaling $68.54 billion this year—compared with just shy of $6 billion for digital video ads—and TV advertising will increase more than digital video in real dollars in each year throughout our forecast period. Read the rest at eMarketer.