College Students' Perceptions Of Privacy On Select Social Sites, July 2014 [CHART]

A look at US college students’ trust in certain social networks gives some insight into why Snapchat and Facebook may sit on such opposite ends of the list. The largest percentage of respondents cited Snapchat as the social network on which they felt they had the most privacy, at 35%, compared with 20% for Facebook. Meanwhile, Facebook was far and away the least-trusted social network: 45% of college students felt they had the least privacy on the platform, vs. 11% who said the same for Snapchat.

However, results indicated that trust may not always matter. Despite low daily usage, Instagram ranked second among social networks where respondents felt they had the most privacy, while highly used Twitter actually landed in the last spot here. On top of that, just 7% of respondents said Instagram had the least privacy; 30% said the same about Twitter. Read the rest at eMaeketer.