B2B Marketers' Satisfaction With Data-Driven Tactics, August 2014 [CHART]

Slightly more than two-thirds of B2B marketers are using data to analyze customers, finds Bizo in a recent report, and a slim majority also use data to identify prospects, segment, and measure marketing performance. While few are very confident in their use of data-driven marketing, a plurality feel that they’re on the path. Even so, they remain generally dissatisfied with their data-driven marketing in several areas.

For example, fewer than one-quarter are very or somewhat satisfied (“generally satisfied”) with the data they’ve gleaned from mobile marketing, compared to slightly more than half who are somewhat dissatisfied or not satisfied (“generally dissatisfied”). General feelings of dissatisfaction with the performance of data-driven tactics also trump satisfaction levels in other areas including predictive analytics tools (47.8% and 25.2%, respectively), online display advertising (49.1% and 35.3%, respectively) and social media marketing (59.7% and 35.1%, respectively). In fact, the only tactic in which more marketers are satisfied than dissatisfied is email marketing, with 53% satisfied with the data they glean from their email database as opposed to 43% dissatisfied. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.