The curves in the following graph show the CTR for classic results (text content/web pages) versus image results for Positions 1 through 10 when looking at the data set available in BrightEdge’s Data Cube. Read the rest at Search Engine Land.

Search CTR For Links With Thumbnails By Search Position [CHART]

Keeping in mind that Universal Search results including images don’t always show up in the same area on the SERP, when image results showed in Positions 1 and 2, we saw a lower CTR than for the classic results. However, for Position 3 through 10, images showed a higher CTR, according to BrightEdge data set.

BrightEdge research also showed image results didn’t appear as often at the top of the SERP as they did in middle and bottom of the SERP. One theory for this is that images aren’t as good at answering a query as web pages are. Read the rest at Search Engine Land.