Receptiveness Of Forms Of Brand Content, August 2014 [CHART]

Recent research has found a general distrust for sponsored content, but new survey results from Vibrant Media indicate that such distrust doesn’t extend to brand-produced content in general, with US respondents (aged 13-64) as likely to trust content from a brand they know of (but whose products they don’t buy) as they are to trust content from journalists working for media titles they’re familiar with. As part of the study, survey respondents were asked to rate their receptiveness to a variety of online brand content formats, with some fairly surprising results.

Chief among those: the unpopularity of brands’ social media posts. Some 31% of respondents said they were unreceptive or very unreceptive to such content, versus 42% saying they are receptive or very receptive to the posts. By comparison, fewer (24%) said they were unreceptive to brands’ ads, with 44% receptive to them. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.