Acceptable Forms Of In-Store Location "Stalking," April 2014 [CHART]

Acceptable Forms Of In-Store Location Stalking, April 2014 [CHART]

In an April 2014 study by PunchTab, just 27% of US smartphone owners said they would allow mobile in-store tracking in order to receive relevant, real-time information and offers. In comparison, 50% were not open to mobile tracking, and 24% didn’t have strong feelings either way.

Respondents weren’t holding off on allowing in-store tracking due to concerns around messaging itself. Instead, the biggest worry was around privacy, cited by 51%. Meanwhile, just 13% wouldn’t sign up to receive benefits via mobile tracking because of concerns around too many messages, 12% werent interested because of intrustiveness, and 8% were worried about receiving irrelevent messages. Read the rest at eMarketer.