Highly Anticipated Internet Of Things Technologies, May 2014 [CHART]

Consider the results of a May 2014 survey from SOASTA, a platform for performance testing websites and mobile apps. The survey found 73% of US adults were unfamiliar with the IoT, while only 6% of respondents described themselves as “very familiar” with it. However, when prompted with more details, 67% said they were excited about the promise of greater connectedness.

Enthusiasm about the prospective benefits of a more technology-driven future is a long-running theme that dates to the Industrial Revolution. Emblematic are the results of a March 2014 survey by Pew Research Center’s Internet Project in conjunction with Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center. Some 1,606 technology experts and highly engaged US internet users were polled about whether they thought the IoT would have “widespread and beneficial effects on the everyday lives of the public by 2025.” A significant majority—83%—said yes. Read the rest at eMarketer.