Global Online Buyer Penetration By Region, 2013-2018 [TABLE]

The increase of eCommerce sales in Asia-Pacific is tied to a growing base of digital buyers, and as more new buyers come online, naturally sales will rise. However, by the end of our forecast period, nearly 70% of internet users in both Western Europe and North America will purchase items on digital devices, vs. just over 50% in Asia-Pacific.

Buyer penetration in Asia-Pacific translates to the largest number of consumers, but the region is far more fragmented than North America and Western Europe. In the latter two regions, eCommerce continues to grow at double-digit rates and will do so for several more years. In markets as large as these, this points to the fact that individual buyers are making purchases more frequently and with higher order values, and consumer behaviors are relatively consistent across countries in both regions. Read the rest at eMarketer.