Use Of Online "Tune-In" Advertising To Drive TV Ratings, 2013 vs 2014 [CHART]

Use Of Online Tune-In Advertising To Drive TV Ratings, 2013 vs 2014 [CHART]

Ads for television shows aren’t just for the tube anymore. Nine in 10 stations now use digital tune-in advertising—that is, marketing and promotion of television programming to drive ratings—according to a June 2014 study by Mixpo and PromaxBDA. A report summarizing the results noted that this percentage held steady between 2013 and 2014, indicating that stations had seen success with such efforts.

As a result of this success, digital was the only channel US broadcasters and syndicators were putting more tune-in dollars toward this year (with the exception of print, which still saw the lowest share of tune-in budgets). First-place radio and second-place TV both saw decreases in spending—and the portion going toward online tune-in ads trailed cable by just 1 percentage point. Read the rest at eMarketer.