Top Benefits Of Online Tune-In Advertising, June 2014 [CHART]

Increasing reach and frequency of on-air promos as well as targeting viewers by demographic and geography also ranked as top benefits.

Q4 2013 research by Rhythm NewMedia found above-average completion rates for US mobile video entertainment tune-in ads on smartphones and tablets, at 87.7% and 82.4%, respectively.

Despite this success with mobile, Mixpo and PromaxBDA found that broadcasters and syndicators were most likely to use desktop platforms when running tune-in ads on both owned and paid media. Fully 83% of respondents said they ran desktop ads on their owned platforms, while 74% said the same for mobile. Though respondents favored paid media less, 65% ran desktop tune-in ads on such platforms, compared with 46% who did so on mobile. Read the rest at eMarketer.