Products Researched Online Before In-Store Purchase By Generation, December 2013 [TABLE]

When a marketer ignores aging baby boomers, this typically reflects an assumption that boomers have made their choices as purchasers and will stick with them to the grave. In fact, though, boomers are heading into a period of great disruption in their lives, and it’s putting a good deal of their consumer activity in play, according to a new eMarketer report, “How Boomers Still Matter: A Disruptive Life Stage Puts Their Consumer Behavior in Play.”

Many boomers have introduced a digital element into their shopping process, though less so than younger consumers.

Prepurchase research online is now common among boomers. A December 2013 survey by Prosper Insights & Analytics found that nearly half of US boomer internet users researched online before buying electronics. More than one-fifth said they did this before purchasing apparel or appliances. Read the rest at eMarketer.