Global Net Online Ad Revenue By Company, 2012-2014 [TABLE]

Yahoo’s push to maintain its position as a top global ad seller will take another hit in 2014, according to new projections from eMarketer. Though Yahoo’s ad revenues will be back in the black this year, increasing its global digital ad revenues by 2.7% after a decline of 2.1% in 2013 to reach $3.53 billion, the company’s share of the $140.15 billion digital advertising market will fall from 2.86% to 2.52%. At the same time, Microsoft will grow its net worldwide ad revenues by more than 20% over 2013 to reach $3.56 billion, eMarketer estimates, accounting for 2.54% of the market—just enough to surpass Yahoo for the first time.

Google will continue to dominate the global digital ad market this year, netting 31.45% of digital dollars invested by advertisers worldwide. The search giant will actually lose market share in 2014—falling nearly half a percentage point—however, its share loss is not necessarily a reflection of the company’s waning influence so much as a sign of its maturing ad business in comparison to competitors. Google will still increase its net digital ad revenues 15.0% this year to reach $44.08 billion globally, eMarketer estimates, while the market grows slightly faster at 16.7%. Read the rest at eMarketer.