Demographics Of Online Daters, June 2014 [TABLE]

“We met online” has become another response to the old “How did you meet?” question. However, a June 2014 study by YouGov found that just over one-fifth of US internet users had used an online dating site or mobile app, and only 6% admitted to currently using one. Meanwhile, nearly three in five had never tried online dating and didn’t know anyone who had.

Though they had the highest percentage of respondents for past usage, online dating activity had dropped off for those in the 35-to-54 age group—perhaps they found love, or maybe they gave up on digital romance. Current usage was highest among the youngest generation—typically the most tech-savvy, and at the age where many start looking for a permanent partner.

However, that didn’t mean consumers weren’t accepting the idea of online dating. In fact, the majority (52%) said that meeting someone online was easier than doing so in a public place, and 44% believed it was acceptable to use online dating sites or apps, no matter one’s age. On top of that, 36% of respondents felt that couples who met through online dating were just as likely to last as those who connected through other situations. Read the rest at eMarketer.