TV Commercial Viewing Frequency, July 2014 [CHART]

TV multitasking is on the increase, and some 82% of US adults at least occasionally go online while watching TV, per a recent IAB study [PDF]. How much of an adverse effect does that have on the influence of TV ads? Apparently none, according to the study, which actually finds that “media multitaskers” (those 43% who regularly go online while watching TV) are more likely than the average adult to regularly watch TV ads and be influenced by them.

Indeed, some 24% of media multitaskers said they regularly watch commercials when they air on TV, compared to 18% of adult respondents overall. Another 64% of multitaskers (and 65% of adults overall) watch them occasionally, such that 88% of media multitaskers profess to watching TV ads at least occasionally, compared to 83% of adults in general. (The study is based on a January 2014 survey for which a 2%-point difference is statistically significant at a 99% confidence level.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.