Spending On Branded Mobile Content, Q1 2014 [CHART]

Still relatively new, branded editorial media on mobile devices is luring consumers in. Data released in June 2014 by Sharethrough showed high engagement in Q1 2014 (2.2%) for branded editorial media content promoted worldwide through the company’s Sharethrough Exchange via native, in-feed ads on mobile.

Looking at the different editorial media types, content that lived on an owned site saw the most dollars by a long shot, as distribution grew 31% between Q4 2013 and Q1 2014 to grab 68% of spending. Though it claimed a much smaller share of the pie, sponsored editorial media, which lives on a professional publisher’s site, served to mobile devices saw a large increase in spending. Meanwhile, earned media—an article written about a brand that it did not pay for—grabbed the remaining 3%. Read the rest at eMarketer.