Devices Nordics Use To Watch Video, December 2013 [TABLE]

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are among the most advanced digital societies on the planet—but even with the growing popularity of digital video services such as Netflix and HBO, most consumers are still loyal to traditional TV, too. That’s one conclusion of the “Nordic Video Index” report from Arkena, based on sampling carried out by Epinion.

The December 2013 survey asked whether respondents had either terminated or cut back their cable or satellite TV package in the past year in favor of online services. No more than one in 10 had done so in any country. In fact, most respondents (between 49% and 87%) said they hadn’t considered it. Resistance was especially strong in Denmark and Norway, where 85% and 87%, respectively, said they hadn’t considered paring back their traditional services. In Finland, only 49% said the same. Read the rest at eMarketer.