Demographics Of Denmark Smart Phone Onwers, May 2014 [CHART]

Demographics Of Denmark Smart Phone Owners, May 2014 [CHART]

Smartphone usage will also drive digital TV viewing, though this effect will take longer to emerge. Arkena found that 32% of respondents were already using a smartphone to watch TV content. And smartphone ownership remains higher among younger adults—the most eager digital TV viewers—than among older residents. In Denmark, 90% of internet users ages 15 to 29 and 81% of those 30 to 39 had at least one smartphone in May 2014, compared with just 53% of 60- to 75-year-olds, according to the “Mobile Devices 2014” report issued by Danske Medier (IAB Denmark) and Kreativitet & Kommunikation in collaboration with TNS Gallup Denmark. The same report noted that 15-to-29-year-old smartphone owners spent an average 11 minutes streaming TV or video to their phones the day before polling—more than double the time spent in 2013. Read the rest at eMarketer.