Obstacles To Native Advertising Success, June 2014 [CHART]

Market demand is the biggest obstacle to increased business in native advertising,according to half of premium publishers recently surveyed by Polar. But, on the other side, high-level US marketers and agency advertising decision-makers surveyed by Purch say demand is growing, and they expect their native advertising spending to triple by 2015. Despite the enthusiastic outlook by these decision-makers, who spend at least $1 million on digital advertising, several challenges remain.

The most commonly-cited challenge is insufficient reporting and ROI metrics (46%); indeed, the Polar survey finds that “there is no consistency when it comes to success metrics for a native campaign,” with publishers analyzing various metrics. Some of that may relate to advertisers having both branding and performance goals: roughly 7 in 10 native/sponsored content advertisers count branding as a main objective, while almost two-thirds cite sales and conversions as a top priority, according to the Polar survey. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.