Marketers' Ability To Prove Their Value, June 2014 [CHART]

The pressure on marketing to measure its value and contribution to the business is increasing, according to 85% of respondents to a recent survey from ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing (VEM). But few report being able to demonstrate their value and contribution to the business, per the report: just 26% of respondents indicated that marketing was able to measure and report the contribution of its programs to the business last year. While respondents seemed generally confident that marketing programs made an impact, most said their contributions were not measured.

For example, a plurality 40% of the respondents indicated that marketing programs made a difference, but the contribution to the business goals were not measured and reported. Another 28% agreed that marketing appears to have made some impact on the business, but it is not clear if the impact was material, nor is it measured. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.