Fundamental Changes For Marketing During The Next 5 Years, June 2014 [CHART]

Roughly 8 in 10 CMOs around the world believe that marketing will undergo fundamental change over the next 5 years, according to results from Accenture Interactive’s “CMO Insights 2014” study, with marketers appearing most confident in the increasing role of analytics and greater budget allocations to digital and mobile. Some 42% believe that analytics skills will be a core competence of marketing over the next 5 years, echoing recent survey results from Spencer Stuart in which senior marketers envisioned analytical orientation as becoming a more important skill for CMOs to possess in the future.

Meanwhile, although there have been signs that the budget shift from traditional to digital media might be slowing, a sizable portion of the Accenture survey respondents see a bright future for digital spend. Some 37% agreed that digital budgets will account for more than three-quarters of the marketing budget over the next 5 years, and 35% agreed that mobile will account for more than half of the budget. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.