Programmatic Advertising In The Netherlands, February 2014 [CHART]

Programmatic advertising adoption in the Netherlands is high—the highest in Europe, in fact—and most publishers view it as an essential part of their marketing strategy. In a February 2014 study conducted by FaR for Improve Digital, 89% of publishers said they were selling between 51% and 100% of their inventory programmatically. In addition, more than one-third reported getting over half of their revenues from programmatic trading, and three-quarters expected this to be the case in the next 12 months.

Standard display and high-impact display tied for the No. 1 types of digital inventory sold programmatically, each cited by 89%. While standard display is common digital inventory sold for programmatic advertising, the fact that high-impact formats—not common in less mature programmatic markets—saw the same percentage of respondents indicates just how advanced the Netherlands’ programmatic landscape is. Read the rest at eMarketer.