US Smart TV Users, 2012-2018 [CHART]

eMarketer defines connected TVs as sets hooked up to the internet through any means, including a built-in network connection or a third-party device such as a game console, set-top box, or laptop. We have raised our forecast for connected TV users in the US from our January 2013 projections based on new comparative data, expected releases of new smart TV and set-top box models in the coming years, and falling price points of these devices.

Smart TVs are defined more narrowly as sets with built-in internet capability. eMarketer forecasts that the number of US smart TV users will reach 49.8 million in 2014, or 15.6% of the population and 19.8% of internet users. Growth will be in the double digits through 2016. This is slightly lower than eMarketer’s January 2013 forecast, due to new comparative data. Read the rest eMarketer.