Americans' Sentiments About The World Cup, June 2014 [CHART]

The World Cup is about to start, and research from SSI suggests that viewership will set new peaks. While the event provides a big audience for sponsors (and FIFA partners are reportedly projected to spend $730 million for their rights), surveys surrounding recent sporting events such as the Winter Olympics suggest that consumers often have trouble identifying sponsors. Protests in Brazil also could threaten the efforts of brands associated with the event. For the time being, though, research indicates soccer fans are paying attention to supporting brands, and that most social chatter about sponsors tends to be positive.

That’s according to research from Omnicom Media Group, reported by Adweek, which examined more than 3 million posts in 10 languages across the world on Facebook, Twitter and blogs during the final week of May. The data indicates that Adidas, a FIFA partner, is receiving by far the greatest share of voice, at 60% share of sponsor mentions (or almost 30,000). Some 58% of those mentions were deemed positive, one of the lower ratios among the top 10 mentioned sponsors. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.