Form Conversion Rates By Type, June 2014 [CHART]

The average conversion rate for forms in the US is 7%, according to research from Formstack, with this figure slightly lower than in other countries due to a sizable 31% of US forms being contact forms, which have an average conversion rate of just 3% across the 4 countries (US, Great Britain, Australia and Canada) examined. Indeed, contact forms had the lowest conversion rates of the several types analyzed, with contest (28%) and survey (21%) forms on the high-end.

The type of form appears to have more of an effect on conversion rates than the number of fields in the form. Survey forms averaged a high of 21 fields, but maintained a relatively strong conversion rate of 21%, for example. By comparison, order/payment forms, with an average of 19 fields, had a much lower average conversion rate, of 6%. And contact forms’ low conversion rate came despite an average of just 4 fields. (The analysts note that visitors to “Contact Us” pages might be looking for addresses rather than to complete a form.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.