Generation V Media Consumption By Age & Channel, July 2013 [TABLE]

When people speak of “digital kids,” the novelty of the adjective may obscure the importance of the noun. Above all, kids—those ages 12 or younger—are still just kids. Their engagement with technology is limited by the immature interests and capabilities that go with being very young, and further limited by restrictions their parents impose. In important respects, kids are digital natives who aren’t all that digital, according to a new eMarketer report, “Digital Kids: ‘Digital Natives’ with Analog Tendencies.”

TV remains the biggest single element of kids’ media usage. For adults, TV may be old media. For kids, it’s fun media—the place where they see the cartoons and other shows that delight them. And for many kids, the older networks are supplemented by digital sources. Read the rest at eMarketer.