UK Mobile Sports Content Consumption By Age, March 2014 [CHART]

Despite the many advantages offered by TV and TV scheduling, a sizable proportion of mobile users in the UK will utilize mobile phones to keep track of the action—almost half said they would use them regularly or all the time. Tablet use will be slightly lower, though still used by 32%.

This may be something of a continuation of already entrenched behavior among this user group. A March 2014 study conducted by Global Market Insite in association with Imagine Mobile for the Mobile Marketing Association found that 58% of 18- to 34-year-olds in the UK accessed sports content via mobile device. It’s also possible that a lot of this mobile use during the World Cup may be part of a multiscreen dynamic. According to a study from Opinium Research LLP for John Lewis, almost two-thirds of World Cup viewers in the UK said they would use multiple devices at the same time during matches. Read the rest at eMarketer.