Last fall, Pinterest announced that it would launch and test Promoted Pins—free of charge—and according to Ahalogy’s report, most users didn’t have negative feelings toward them. Nearly three-quarters of 15-and-older users who had logged on to Pinterest at least once in the past month were either neutral toward such posts or didn’t mind them, compared with around one-quarter who hated them. Among those who couldn’t stand Promoted Pins, the top reason for feeling that way was that they simply did not like or want to see ads.

Love them or hate them, it looks like Promoted Pins are here to stay: In mid-May, the social network announced that it would begin to test paid Promoted Pins, with more than a dozen brands such as Banana Republic, lululemon and Kraft Foods—all of which are popular among females—slated to run campaigns for three to six months. Read the rest at eMarketer.

Attitudes Of American Pinterest Users Toward Promoted Pins, March 2014 [CHART]