Demographics Of Hispanics Second Screeners, May 2014 [CHART]

Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to use mobile devices for a variety of activities, according to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Those activities include second-screening, with 58% of Hispanics surveyed claiming to always or usually use a mobile device while watching TV, compared to 53% of non-Hispanics. That tilt was generally consistent across age groups, but was most pronounced for 25-34-year-olds (72% of Hispanics versus 62% of non-Hispanics) as well as males (59% and 47%, respectively).

A recent study from the Council for Research Excellence (CRE) similarly found that among various demographic groups, Hispanics were the most likely to be the most socially engaged viewers. Some 10.5% of Hispanic viewing occasions could be deemed “socially connected viewing,” where viewers’ simultaneous social activity was directly related to the specific program they were viewing. That compared to 7.5% of participants (aged 15-54), on average. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.