Millennials' Trust In Advertising, May 2014 [CHART]

Consumers in general aren’t very trusting of advertisers and marketers, according to results from a new survey from Insights in Marketing, but men appear to be present a more receptive audience than women, across a number of counts. While only about one-quarter of the survey’s respondents (aged 18-67) said they trust advertisers and marketers, men were 36% more likely than women to report doing so (30% vs. 22%). Men were also 17% more likely to say they believe what marketers and advertisers say about their products and services (34% vs. 29%).

The findings bring to mind a recent survey from YouGov, in which half of the American adults who reported seeing any advertising at least once a month said they didn’t trust the advertising. However, in that survey, men who had been exposed to advertising appeared slightly less likely than their female counterparts to trust the messages (47% vs. 53%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.