US vs UK Video Ad View Share By Device, Q1 2014 [CHART]

Digital video ads served to a UK audience are more likely to be viewed on tablet devices than those served in the US, at least according to data from FreeWheel. The May 2014 report noted that tablets accounted for 17% of total digital video ad views (of ads served through the company’s network) in the UK in Q1 2014. In the US, tablets claimed a share of just 7%.

Tablet penetration in the UK remains on an upward trajectory. eMarketer estimates that 41.1% of the entire UK population will be tablet users in 2014, and that total will reach 57.8% by 2018. This is at least partly influencing the rising share of video ad views on these devices. But the UK figures aren’t too dissimilar to eMarketer’s US tablet penetration figures: 46.2% in 2014 and 52.1% by 2018. Read the rest at eMarketer.