Average Number Of Mobile Apps Actively Used By Country, January 2014 [CHART]

eMarketer estimates that 53.7% of the entire UK population will own and regularly use a smartphone in 2014. Tablet penetration won’t be too far behind, at 41.1% this year. And these mobile devices are fueling a rise in the total amount of time spent with digital media in the UK. But the majority of this non-voice mobile time is likely being spent with apps rather than the mobile web.

In April 2014, Flurry reported that US mobile devices users were far more likely to spend time with mobile apps than browsers. January 2014 research conducted by Decision Fuel and On Device Research for InMobi indicated that the situation was likely the same in the UK. It found that mobile internet users in the UK had actively used an average of 7.5 mobile apps in the past 30 days; this was slightly more than the average for the US, which stood at 7.4. Read the rest at eMarketer.