Use Of Mobile Tools For CPG Shopping, 2012 & 2013 [TABLE]

Among the mobile tools that CPG shoppers polled by Catapult Marketing were most likely to use, mobile shopping apps were the most helpful, used by 27% and cited by 40% as useful. Interestingly, while 27% used mobile websites, just 24% said they were very helpful when shopping for CPG products—the lowest percentage out of all mobile tools included.

Though all mobile tools in Catapult Marketing’s study saw higher usage in 2013 than in 2012, results from September 2013 polling by Acquity Group indicated that buying consumer products via mobile was not common. Just 18.6% of US smartphone buyers said they frequently purchased household goods on their phones, and 14.0% said they did so for food and CPG. On the other hand, more than half of respondents bought books on their smartphones, and 38.4% frequently purchased clothing and apparel via such a device. Read the rest at eMarketer.