Social Networks Used By Germans, Q4 2013 [CHART]

The survey also showed the overwhelming influence of Facebook on the country’s social network users. Before the global giant arrived in Germany in 2008, the leading social site was the homegrown community schülerVZ, attracting 45% of internet users ages 12 to 19. Fast-forward five years, and just 2% of MPFS respondents were still loyal to that network, while 80% were on Facebook. In fact, schülerVZ closed officially on April 30, 2013.

These findings align closely with data from GlobalWebIndex, which reported that of the 43% of internet users in Germany who visited any social network at least monthly in Q4 2013, almost all were Facebook users. studiVZ, a still-active affiliate of schülerVZ, registered just 1% penetration. Read the rest at eMarketer.