US Teens' Restaurant Preferences, April 2014 [CHART]

Teens in general tend to have limited budgets. As a result, quick-service restaurants (QSRs)—that is, fast food joints—were their dining locations of choice (43% of respondents). However, more than one-third preferred casual sit-down restaurants, suggesting that teens may like to treat themselves every now and then. Fast-casual establishments, which are similar to QSRs in that they do not offer full table service but different because they tend to have higher-quality food and higher prices, were not nearly as popular, cited by just 16%.

Restaurants looking to connect with teens via digital channels may want to take a look at social networks, as Piper Jaffray found that just 5% of respondents didn’t use any social platform. The No. 1 choice? Instagram, cited by 30%. It looks like it’s time for restaurants to snap, filter and share. Read the rest at eMarketer.