Social Traffic Referral Trends, October 2012-March 2014 [CHART]

Referral traffic from Facebook is rapidly increasing, to the extent that as of March, the social network referred more than one-fifth (21.3%) of traffic to the average website, according to the latest social media referral report from Shareaholic. The results show the extent to which Facebook dominates all social platforms as a traffic driver, referring three times as much as its nearest competitor, Pinterest (7.1%), which itself is growing quickly. Twitter, meanwhile, referred only about 1.1% of publishers’ traffic in March, rivaled by StumbleUpon (0.99%).

Not all referrals are created equal, though, as a recent study from Shareaholic determined. Visitors referred from Facebook and Twitter were middle of the road in terms of their engagement with the websites they visited, while visitors referred by StumbleUpon had the lowest average time on site and average pages per visit of the 8 social referrers measured. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.