Facebook Ad KPIs By Demographic, Q1 2014 [CHART]

Roughly one-quarter of ad spending aimed at Facebook users aged 18-64 was directed to the 18-24 bracket in Q1, according to a report from Nanigans. That figure should perhaps have been lower, as the 18-24 demographic proved the worst-monetizing group, with revenue-per-click (RPC) at $0.61, less than half comparable figures for the 35+ brackets. Indeed, the 45-54 ($1.53) and 55-64 ($1.38) age groups monetized best, though they only commanded about 30% share of spending, combined.

While costs per click (CPCs) were also higher for those older age groups, they were not disproportionately high relative to the RPC figures.

On a gender basis, the report notes that advertisers allocated 63% of their budgets to females. That proved a wise decision, with women delivering an RPC 71% higher than males ($0.94 vs. $0.55) despite having a CPC only 32% higher. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.