B2B Media Industry Revenues, 2008-2013 [CHART]

Industry revenues grew by 4.8% year-over-year (3.8% when adjusted for inflation) to reach $26.9 billion, the highest total since 2008 ($29.2 billion, adjusted for inflation in 2013 dollars). The increase was spurred in part by a 22.2% jump in digital ad revenues and a 10.2% rise in data/business information revenues. Events remain the single largest revenue stream, at 45% share in 2013, mostly unchanged from 5 years prior (46% share).

Over that 5-year period, though, print’s share of revenues has fallen by 11% points (to 26%), while digital’s share has grown by 8% points (to 19%). Print revenues fell another 4.4% last year. SourceAssociation of Business Information and Media Companies (ABM) 

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