Mobile Germans Who Pay Favorable Attention To Ads By Device, March 2014 [TABLE]

Even when consumers weren’t entirely favorable to ads on a given screen, significant numbers acknowleged that they paid attention to them. TV scored highest once again, with at least half of consumers in France, Germany and Spain saying they paid attention to ads on television. In all these countries, the percentage who paid attention was at least twice the proportion who said they generally had a favorable reaction to ads on those screens. The most striking disparity was in Germany, where only 8% to 12% of respondents said they favored ads on a smartphone, laptop or tablet, for example, but at least 40% said they paid attention to ads on those devices.

Such behaviors are becoming central to the strategies of marketers across Western Europe as smartphones and tablets proliferate. eMarketer estimates that nearly 200 million people in the region will own at least one smartphone this year. In France, Germany and Spain combined, the number of smartphone owners will total 88.2 million. It’s good news for brands if those consumers are paying attention to ads—even if they claim not to like marketing on a small screen. Read the rest at eMarketer.