French Mobile Users Who Pay Favorable Attention To Ads By Device, March 2014 [TABLE]

When it comes to consumer responses, TV advertisers in most Western European markets have little to fear from other screens, according to a study from Millward Brown. Researchers surveyed multiscreen users—people ages 16 to 44 who owned or had access to a television and a smartphone and/or tablet—in 30 countries between November 2013 and March 2014. The sample was clearly designed to represent digitally literate younger adults with the disposable income to invest in advanced mobile devices.

The preference for TV advertising was evident in all markets. In France, for example, 23% of respondents said they reacted very or somewhat favorably to ads on television, while only 10% were well disposed to ads on their smartphones, and 9% welcomed ads on their laptops. In Germany, just 19% had positive reactions to advertising on TV, but only 10% said they liked ads on their laptops, and a mere 8% thought favorably of smartphone ads. Read the rest at eMarketer.