Smart Phone Use While Shopping At Local Business, April 2014 [CHART]

Some 65% of 18-29-year-old smartphone users (and 62% of device users aged 30-43) are willing to stop moving forward with abandon (seriously? can we please learn how to write properly, people??) a purchase based on new information they’ve turned up using their mobile device while shopping at a local business, a result that makes sense given that the leading reason they use their devices in-store in the first place is to compare prices. At least 9 in 10 young smartphone users rely on their devices at least sometimes while shopping in-store, per the study, as do 7 in 10 device users aged 54 and older. The younger crowd, not surprisingly, is much more likely to be found checking in at a local business or sharing their location. Based on a January 2014 survey of 1,058 smartphone users via Thrive Analytics’ Connected Experience online panel. SourceLocal Search Association

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