Email Frequency By Email Marketing Tool, April 2014 [CHART]

Some 24% of marketers say they don’t use any tools to manage their email campaigns, according to a recently-released Marketo study. But that figure masks significant differences when sorting by company size, as small companies (0-50 employees) are almost twice as likely (43.5%) to eschew the use of email marketing tools. Among larger companies, by contrast, marketing automation platforms are a popular choice – and use of these tools is linked to greater emailing frequency.

When asked how often they email any segment of their database, two-thirds of respondents overall said they send less than 10 emails per month, and 45% reported emailing less than 5 times per month. Among those sending less than 5 emails per month, almost half – 46% – aren’t using any marketing tool, whether that be an email service provider (ESP) or a marketing automation platform. Read the rest at MarketingChart.