TV Viewing On Alternative Devices, 2012-2014 [CHART]
The 20% of TV content viewing time spent on alternative platforms is a significant step up from 13% last year, with the biggest change being for streaming to the TV set (10% this year, up from 5%). The report finds that more than 6 in 10 TV content viewers either own a smart TV or are able to stream content to their TV. Respondents streaming broadband content to their TV claim to be spending 30% of their viewing time doing so. Meanwhile, a new report from The Diffusion Group forecasts legacy TV to decline from 90% of all video viewed last year to about two-thirds in 2020. Based on 1,200 interviews (723 phone/477 online) fielded nationally in January 2014 among heads of households (18+) who watch any kind of TV content. Source: Horowitz Associates. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.